Living in the United States has given me a chance to contemplate life in so many ways. I’m able to better understand respect for individuality, the value of a solid education, the dedication to a talent, and praise for family values.

One of the most impressive characteristics of the American society is the power of helping others and the swiftness that people have to articulate ideas, raise money, and take real actions towards people in  need.

Today, as an American citizen, I want to be part of this scenario also.

With my Creative Life Project, I want to reach out first to moms, (because, in most cases, we are the primary caregivers for our children). Next my focus will be on dads, grandparents, stepmoms and stepdads that are in need for support in their parenting journey.


It will be’s mission to address ways that parenting can be enhanced by taking different steps, making better choices and practicing healthier habits in life.

Dallas is an amazing place to live, and together we can help local families. We can strengthen children and parents in their pursuit for a happier and more sustainable home environment.

I hope to extend our mission to my homeland of Brazil, and serve the society there in the same way I will be serving in the US. Moms, dads, and grandparents face the same dilemmas here and there, and will be part of their transformation to a superior and happier LIFE!

You will be part of this task in the upcoming months when we will be posting our journey in privileging others. Keep your eyes open!

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