Homemade Chai Tea – Celebrating Valentines!

Because it is February (Let it Be! All you need is Love!), I am happy to share with you a Homemade Chai Tea recipe that my Yoga teacher, Kendall Inman, graciously shared with me! The taste of this Chai makes me feel warm, energized and loved. By the fire with your loved one, outside with your kids playing in the grass or after a Yoga class and Meditation – there is always a good moment to taste and enjoy the benefits.

Kendall writes that “Tea is good for you! Chai is mentally clarifying and energizing yet calming at the same time. So chai gives you a subtle “pick me up” without nervousness, and jitters. And unlike standard tea, chai tea has substantially more body and flavor so it is an ideal coffee substitute. The tea in chai has numerous health benefits. Tea polyphenols (Theanine) has been linked in research to increased attention and focus, cardiovascular health, protection against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and even may have the potential to alter cancer genetics. Additionally, the spices in Chai Tea have various health benefits, and have been used for thousands of years”.

Recipe: Ingredients for 2 cups of Chai:

1 cup water (it’s best to use your chai mug as a measure of 1 ‘cup’)

1 cup milk

2 inches of fresh ginger root (organic, peeled and grated)

2 teaspoons black tea (loose tea) (you can use black tea bags when other not available)

2-4 pods of fresh cardamom (ground with mortar and pestle)

1-2 tablespoons sugar (to taste) (I use dates and less sugar)

a bit of saffron (2-4 threads) in your mortar and pestle


  1. Peel and grate ginger, add water. Bring to a rolling boil for 1-2 min. (if you use dates add here and mush) and then add the tea (The ginger must be boiled before you add milk to it or the milk with curdle).
  2. Add milk and bring to a boil (1st boil). After boil turn off flame.
  3. Add ground cardamom pods and bring to boil (2nd boil). After boil turn off flame.
  4. Add sugar and saffron and bring to boil (3rd boil)
  5. Strain with strainer and serve
  6. If you are adding sugar and saffron, put saffron in mortar and grind, add sugar and grind to capture all saffron. Then add to tea cup full of tea.
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Running a Home and Kitchen was one of the most incredible experiences and challenges that I have ever lived through. Because first, until I met my husband I had no idea how to prepare a meal (even a basic one like a boiled egg with avocado and toast which today, is my favorite breakfast), and secondly, because a home’s daily routine is never taught in a book or in school. So, when you find yourself being solely responsible for the entire operation of that system, many fears and doubts and even loneliness can enter your mind. Then, you question yourself about how to perform these tasks and achieve good results.

My parents never suggested to me that being a career mom could be an option for a happy life. Actually, it was the opposite. They encouraged me to study, go to college, get a degree and go to work. They believed that achieving these things would cause me to be brilliant, make money, be independent, and bring happiness. And it did…until I decided to quit and choose another path for my life.

In the new Christina’s path, many transformations occurred and some of them were really challenging. Language, culture, lifestyle, finances. They were all for my good and for my sake, I feel grateful for that.kitchen3

One of my most memorable challenges were related to the kitchen, specifically grocery shopping and cooking meals. As I mentioned above, I didn’t know how to cook when I first moved to the US. Also, the differences between measurement systems and ingredient names between the USA and Brazil were a huge task for me. I had to learn ounces, pounds, tsp, tbsp, spices, meat, seasonings, and an infinite number of options related to preparing meals. But I embraced this new experience and in the meantime developed  curiosity and taste for cooking. I also discovered that happy times, smiles and good dialogue mostly happen in the kitchen and that becomes the heart of the home.

So today I am a mother that cooks every day for her family. Starting with a healthy breakfast to prepare my children for their school day, and cooking a tasteful dinner to celebrate the day around the table: we pray, we eat, we talk, we laugh, we share confidences and experiences about life, and just generally review our days. Our Kitchen has become our favorite gathering place. We congregate for memories of the day, of our lives, we talk about our past and future, and we teach our children values in life such as integrity, resilience, perseverance and critical thinking.

kitchen2And that’s the reason I chose Kitchen as one of my PrivilegedHome.com subjects. I want to enhance the career mom’s dedication to preparing meals for her family. It’s not a simple task; it’s an important and fundamental task and has great impact to a child’s daily life.

Research has shown that eating together is a vital habit for healthy and happy children. Research also shows that eating together builds better family relationships, and it helps kids perform better in school. I would name it The Flavor of a Treasured Time.  When your children are tasting the food that you planned for, shopped for and prepared for that day, they are also feeling loved, relaxed, and mindful. They are able to express their feelings (good or bad), their experiences at school and what they are learning. Parents and children become closer and it all starts with a dedicated mom behind the scenes. One more facet of the invisible work…

That’s what empowers PrivilegedHome.com. Healthy habits, happy kids, dedicated parents. We are all together in this journey. And to be a useful tool for you, I will be posting recipes on my Blog so we can build a sense of community, unity and diversity and exchange experiences to empower the essential habit of eating together. This will result in a more balanced, healthier and happy family.

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