Christina Siepiela lives in Dallas, Texas. She is married and has two daughters. After dedicating eleven years of her life to Family Law cases in Brazil, her home Country, she decided to quit her career as an Attorney and Professor of Law,  and reinvented herself as a Wife and a Mother.

Living in the United States since 2004, Christina is happy and confident that leaving the Legal Court role and opening the Home & Kitchen performance was one of the most incredible experiences and challenges, at the same time, that she has had.

Christina has found Joy and Gratitude in being able to embrace her intense and productive routine at Home. Dedicating her days to maintain a healthy and joyful family, she boosts her life with daily yoga and meditation practices, cooking, gardening and reading.

She is now opening a new chapter in her story, and by founding, she will be able to pursuit her passion of writing stories that she hopes will encourage and inspire people to see the invisible work that millions of mothers around the world produce.

Welcome to Christina’s Privileged Home creative project. You will find love, kindness, mindfulness, peace and joy here. Just open your heart and start your journey with her!