When I decided to create, one of the inspiring thoughts that came to me for designing my Creative Project came from this fact…I realized that as we age, we value our personal connections more deeply. To love and to be loved is an essential component for a happy and a healthy life, and the primary space where love is planted is in our homes.


I lived with my parents for 28 years before being able to pay for my own space. Along with my mom and dad, there were 4 children living in a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment in Curitiba, Brazil. I had always shared a bedroom with my younger brother, and my 2 older twin brothers shared a room. We were a traditional Catholic Brazilian family with church and family brunch on Sundays, school and work during the week, sports and other activities on Saturdays, and Christmas always, without fail, included our parents and grandparents.

My mom was a dedicated wife and mother. My dad was an attorney, but his real passion was a farm that he inherited from my grandfather. So one day, when he was around 50 years old, he decided to quit law and move to the farm. This is where he realized his personal dream. He and my mom were living between the city and the country, until my dad’s final days in 2007 following hard battle against cancer.

I grew up in a happy environment. My most powerful memories are related to our dinner time. We were always together at the table, praying for our days, family and friends, and with the TV off. Healthy food was prepared by my mom and she always asked us if we had noticed a different taste that day “because she had added more love” when she was seasoning the meal.

Today, my beautiful mom and I live 5,000 miles apart, but we feel that we are more connected now than ever before. I believe the reason we are closer than ever is because I was also gifted with the honor of becoming a mom. Now I can understand how fundamental, critical and vital the love and dedication from a mother to a child really is.


So I am naming my mom, Ligia Almeida, as my first Guest in this Creative Life Project.  My intentions are to have special guests in that will bring a bright and positive reflection on parenting, life and love. Counting on my most noteworthy  personal connections between my family and my friends, I am excited to share their messages with you!

Here is what my Mom wrote for me about a Mother’s Love in a letter mailed in September, 2016:


MOM! A very short word, but with an immense meaning. In our lives, in any part of the world, when we want to express “Infinite Love”, we always remember a mother’s love.

For me personally, my example was a strong and brave woman. My mother, Tereza, became a widow when she was only 33 years old. She had 2 children, my older brother and me. After my dad passed away, my mom had to go back to work. With energy and enthusiasm she rebuilt her life around us. But the one thing that she had always kept alive was the love and dedication to our home life. While being focused on her job in order to earn money and pay for our lives, her priority was always what she had at home. Her attention was devoted to teaching us the importance of love and respect toward each other.

Now that I am a mother of 4 children, my life has been validated. I learned in my younger years how important it is to cultivate love for your family and to spread this sentiment around you. I am very proud of my 4 children. I feel that what I learned from my past with my mother, I could repeat and teach to my children. The most incredible feeling for a mother is the love for her child. Mother is Love: she is the one that teaches, corrects, and prepares human beings for life.

My greatest sadness is that I had to experience the loss of a child. One of my my twin sons died at a very young age, and I can assure you that  is the most painful feeling that a mom can have. However, I couldn’t let that pain lead my path with my other 3 children, so I am here and I am living my life in order to cheer them on for their health and happiness.


Today, they all have spouses and kids. And because I now have 5 grandchildren, I can declare another sentiment: a grandmother is able to love her grandkids more than she loves her own children.

I pray to God every night for the privilege of being a Mom. My family is the reason of my life. And the Mother’s Love, Compassion and Dedication are always infinite.

With all my love,

Your Mom”.

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