June 2017

Yoga Refines and Redefines You

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Hello June! Here I am again and I chose to talk with you this month on June 21 for two special reasons: first because we celebrate the International Yoga Day, and second because in the Northern Hemisphere we celebrate the arrival of Summer. Two significant and special events to commemorate! Yoga refines you. I am confident when I state this. Refines you in a sense that the practice can remove impurities or unwanted elements that can be present in your body and in your mind, and with the constant discipline of practicing you can improve yourself by making small changes that ultimately refine your own nature. What happens next is a "New You" or we can say you are "Redefined". That's the beauty of this ancient practice. I fell in love with Yoga in 2001 and it's so clear to me that I love the practice mainly because you don't need to be good at it, or you don't need to be flexible for it, or at the end, there are no winners or losers. Everyone is the same at the end... but this same is refined. In Yoga, you just need to be you, with your impurities and imperfections. [...]

May 2017

What’s Growing in the Garden of Your Mind? A special message from Karol Ladd

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Happy May! This is a special month because we honor and celebrate our Mothers. I am blessed for having an amazing Mom who despite living 5.000 miles away from me, is deeply close to my heart. We talk on the phone every day... we just want to be sure that everything is going well in our lives. For this month Blog, I have invited one of the most special mothers that I am lucky to know. She is Karol Ladd and she kindly accepted to write a message for PrivilegedHome.com honoring the Moms and their value. Karol is known as the Positive Lady. She is the bestselling author of over 25 books including, The Power of a Positive Mom and Bright Ideas for Busy Moms. Visit her website at: www.positivemom.com And here is her message! "Every Spring, my husband plants a beautiful array of flowers in our garden. He always chooses a lovely variety of plants that simply make me smile when I look at them. Isn't it amazing how colorful flowers lift your spirits? I can't help but draw a simple analogy for us personally - just as my husband carefully chooses what he will plant in the garden, so [...]

April 2017

Self Made in Motherhood

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Happy April! Thank you my sweet friend Tamela Scribner and Belle Meade Proper for kindly inviting me to be part of your Campaign "Self Made Woman". Honoring my Career Mom, I designed my Self Made in Motherhood. Enjoy my words and have a wonderful month!

March 2017


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When I was in Brazil, in a full speed mode in my 20's, working and going in many directions, I had to count on my body and its movements to take me everywhere and do everything that my mind was set on achieving... no matter what the physical and emotional cost was. I remember getting in my car each morning, having my spine and neck bent towards the steering wheel, gluing my hands to my cell phone and accelerating not only the car but my thoughts in the direction that I was going, and the next step after that, and the next one... just because I had to get it done today! Despite all that folly, on some days I had the wisdom to STOP and PAUSE and give my body a break. And so I met the yoga mat and left all my craziness, speediness and accelerated rhythm behind. And there... I was open to receive the benefits of yoga practice. One of the most fantastic results of meeting my yoga mat was when my teacher Francisco Kaiut planned to work with my hips. Not knowing what I know now about anatomy, one day I decided to ask him [...]

February 2017


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Hello Moms (and Dads)! I'm happy that you are here with me. It's Valentine's month, so I am honoring Love, Kindness, and Dedication as the most valuable attributes that benefit ourselves as well as others. As a Mom, I know that the daily routine around our home and for our children's responsibilities (plus many others when you have another job besides being a parent) can be very heavy burden to our bodies as well as our minds. Very quickly and easily, we can feel drained and find ourselves unable to carry out our obligations while still showing love, kindness and dedication. So how We the Moms (and the Dads) find a way to bring balance and alignment to our lives in a manner that enables us to manage our daily routine with more clarity and calmness, and ultimately achieve a better quality of life? I found the answer in my daily practice of Yoga. I have been a dedicated Yoga student for 16 years (I began at Kaiut Yoga in Brazil - kaiutyogablog.com). Now I am improving my own practice and opening a more personal path with my Teacher Training at LISPY (Lifeologie Institute - School for Psychotherapeutic Yoga - [...]

January 2016


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Happy New Year! Today is a good day for us to look ahead and anticipate our journey in life as moms that devote our time to our home, our children, our spouses, and to our loved ones.  It is so clear to me that we the moms set the tone for the quality of life that we have in our homes, and the quality of people that we raise in our lives. And it’s also so clear to me that we live in challenging times with a very fast pace for everything we do. So…we the moms are responsible for finding our best pace with the best tone that we want for our home life, for our children’s lives and for our own life. And believe me – it is possible! We just need to be open and reflect on it, be flexible and make changes when it’s necessary. This reflection is the nucleus of my project PrivilegedHome.com, and I start this process with my own story. As a woman who retired from her chosen path of Family Law Attorney and embraced the Motherhood Job (what I christened in this project as Career Mom), I caught myself questioning why such [...]